Monday, January 10, 2011

going out tonite

i'm about to tapow sum food...then my cousin Man or his full name Muhammad Akmal send me a message asked me if we can have dinner together.but i said i already tapow food.then he asked me out.
~later he called me and asked me out i juz say yes...
~i rush to my room and get selendang to wear. i cannot let him know that i dont wear tudung outside the campus.that suicide!
~a few minutes later, he arrive and take me to his friend shop.he need to get sumthing for his customer.then he take me to the Kangar and let me enjoy the view eventhough there is nothing to see there.Kangar is more like Jengka and Temerloh town when the sunset.
~after give me a tour at Kangar, he brought me to the Supermarket.he need to buy i juz but some stuff for me. guess what, 5 packet of maggie,nestle honey cornflake,a bundle of milk box(6 boxes) and a potato chip big packet juz cost me RM19.30. so cheap and then i check the expired date... the expired date still have long way to go.
~after that, he juz drive me around Arau places and go to the Taman Sri Wang.he said that places quite alive since the UiTM students live there.
~he then take me to the Cafe and treat me sum cucumber juice(my favourite) and special burger.actually i want to order hot dog becoz it more easier for me to eat.but, i mistakely order special burger and give me a hard time to eat in front of him.
~juz imagine that i'm eating like a embarrassing.
~becoz i drink sumthing so cold at nite, i got diz 'chill' and my body juz got shaken.
~maybe he realize or not.but then in the car he lower the aircond i dont get to cold...
~but thanx to him i'm quite enjoy my life tonite.
~but...tomorrow i still have to go out with him...T.T
~i wanna go out with darius...all the time i'm with man, i juz keep thinking of darius and wish he the one beside me...take me on tour and then eat supper with me.
~Damn...i juz so scared and wimp!


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