Sunday, January 9, 2011

Korean Drama Romance

Promise - Be (From "Romance" OST)
translation by: gyool

*Loving you, I love you
Dont forget that for even a moment
Because I only loved one person which is you
Loving you Loving you
Dont worry a bit
Even if a bigger saddness finds you
I'll be the person to protect you

I lived a life that was weary and tiring
That was me before I met you
I have nothing but regret but its not the end
I will wake you up from your sleep and stand
Even if I lose everything Im not afraid
Because I have you who will always be with me

repeat *

It may be a little too fast right now
But believe and trust me..
Because I wont crumble down right now
Even if we meet a more difficult obstacle we wont stop
Because I have you who will always wait for me

repeat *

Loving you Loving you
I will live for you
So that I wont regret the life that I built for us
Loving you..


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